When I was 5 years old, I had a certain dream....

I asked for three things for Christmas: bedding with Scooby-Doo, a dog, and that "f all people be happy." On the envelope - right below the Lapland address - I added that I was "asking for a room in the world." So my parents could augur two careers for me: top model or social activist. It fell on the activist.

I do not come from a wealthy family, but I have never lacked anything. I was aware of my privileges and always took them as an obligation to those less fortunate in life. It pissed me off how unfairly the world is arranged, and I couldn't be indifferent to it. Anger in the face of reality, hope for a better tomorrow and fear of it not coming became the pillars of my social activity. I wanted to understand the mechanisms behind various problems as much as possible and do anything every day that would give me the feeling that, as the Boy Scouts repeat, I would leave the world better than I found it. I was fulfilling the dream of the 5-year-old me and learning how to live well - for others and for myself.

In the beginning I was guided by the repeated slogan of NGOs: "think globally, act locally." I started by looking for a space where I could act, but there was no organized activist group operating in Tczew. I decided to create one.

My first actions involved the closest environment to me at the time - the school. There I sought support from other students and teachers. Then I started to cooperate with the residents of Tczew and various local entities. Together with friends I organized events, created campaigns or conducted workshops.

Today, having had the experience of establishing foundations or participating in international, socially important events, I see my involvement differently. Starting to act, I did not know that it is worth helping not only with the heart, but also, above all, with the head. Despite the best intentions, my first actions did not very well address the causes I wanted to benefit. However, I don't reproach myself for this, and currently I am simply constantly learning how to act in the best possible way.

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