Introducing the report  "Youth Activism"!

We conducted a survey to find out who the young activists are, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them, what difficulties they face, and how what they do affects our society. Our report seeks to answer these and many other questions!
Click here to download the report - Youth Activism in PolandAppendix 1: Survey questionnaire "Youth activism after the pandemic" (PL)Appendix 2: Prof. Barbara Fatyga, Twenty Statement Test (TST) results and declared types of activities in a survey of young people actively involved in public life in Poland*. (PL)Click here to download the report - Youth Activism in GreeceClick here to download the report - Youth Activism in Bulgaria

Who is the report for?

We created the "Youth Activism" report with youth workers and employees in mind, NGOs that work with young people and those that are created by young people.

Why such a report?

We wrote it out of a need to understand the changes taking place and to find a new story for young people to inspire them to be active in their near and far environment.

Who created this report?

"Youth activism" is the result of the work of a whole team of people and many organizations. The whole thing was overseen by ważne sprawy with the substantive support of Professor Barbara Fatyga. We especially thank the organizations co-creating this report with us:

Contact about the report

NGO Forge Project

We created the report as part of the NGO Forge project, which we are implementing together with organizations from Greece and Bulgaria. The aim of the project is to support the social activism of young people after the pandemic by creating digital tools, providing educational materials and training courses for young people who want to run their own social organizations.

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