The world has never been and is not perfect. Such a state we can accept or try to start acting to change a part of it. Trying to change the reality around us will not be easy. It can't be done alone, it can't be done immediately, it can't be done without doing anything. But it's worth it, because the list of challenges and problems to do something about is incredibly long.
You can make a difference in various ways. By supporting existing initiatives, creating your own, reacting, participating in protests, signing petitions, organizing workshops, exchanges, panel discussions, carrying out interventions, controlling the actions of institutions, setting up trade unions, holding educational classes, providing information hitherto non-existent in the media space, entering into discussions with politicians, female politicians or representatives of companies, or organizing collections. The catalog is endless. And this is what activists, changemakers and social activists do.
It is a response to perceived, experienced, researched problems. It is an active attitude towards the world, the system, the state, society, which can go beyond taking part in elections.

Action requires responsibility.
Action requires social sensitivity.
Action requires a critical approach to the reality around us.
Take action!
We created the Changemakers portal as part of the "NGO Forge" project, which we are implementing together with Helix Social Innovation Hub - organization from Greece and Interactive Bulgaria Foundation from Bulgaria. The aim of the project is to support the social activism of young people after the pandemic by creating digital tools, providing educational materials and training courses for young people who want to run their own social organizations.

Check it out:

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