Until I went to college, I never got politically involved.

I associated it with elections, parliament and idle statements on TV. During the pandemic, I decided out of curiosity to join some organizations in my area. 
It quickly became apparent that the tools used by the unions had the most tangible effects and allowed me to fight for the issues that were important to me. During the first two years I learned virtually everything in the youth circle from scratch. Discussions, organizing work, setting goals, or even writing leaflets. Our nationwide university campaign, which has been talked about for nearly a year, did not come from nowhere. The growth of our structures went hand in hand with the creation of the student-unionist attitude and tools that today make it possible to effectively fight for our jointly emerged demands. 
Our activity began outside the university, but it was in the student community that we found the greatest potential for struggle and positive response. What I participate in today is a community of people who have come to believe that fighting for change in our environment not only makes sense, but is actually a duty. Many of us devote most of our free time to actually selflessly defend the interests of a community of more than a million people, despite frequent assertions that what we want is utopian nonsense.
Fighting for better living conditions for the student community and the entire young generation is, in my opinion, the responsibility of each and every one of us. It's a pity to waste time on cynical distancing from reality and plans to make millions in a few years of corporate work, to then escape out of town or to warm countries. Working together in an organization gives me a sense of strength and meaning.
I believe that political involvement should not be the domain of politicians but a natural part of life, like spending time with family, working or studying. People often discuss parliamentary or international politics, and far too rarely discuss what is directly around them: where they work, study, live. And yet this is where it's easiest to start changing reality for the better - after all, methods of achieving one's goals like a strike, occupation or simple leafleting have remained consistently effective for decades.

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