Working for the community has always been important to me and has given me a great sense of

My activist history began back in elementary school. I implemented charity projects and involved the student government of my elementary and middle school, which I chaired. Through this, I learned how to interact with others and gained valuable experience. I took part in all the work of the school's Volunteer Circle and made it my goal to make others aware that being a volunteer is learning empathy, sensitivity and character formation. Among other things, I implemented intergenerational projects "Działajmy Razem" in local Senior Activity Centers and other pro-civic projects such as "Poznaj, decyduj, działaj".

I was fortunate that in middle school I met teachers-community activists who
promoted the idea of activism and action on behalf of others which resulted in the integration of the entire
school community and even influenced the local community. Thanks to this
I have strengthened my interest in the affairs of my neighborhood and city.

This involvement contributed to the expansion of my social activities in the direction of urban activism. Already having some experience, I began to be active in the city's youth structures. In 2017 I was elected Speaker of the Children and Youth Assembly of the Malopolska Voivodeship, and from 2019 for 3 years I was active in the Youth Council of Krakow, serving successively as a councilor, vice-chairman and chairman of this body. The Youth Council introduced me to the secrets of the third public sector and allowed me to learn about other tools of civic participation. Looking at youth bodies nationwide or taking an active part in them, I noticed that the voice of young people is not heard enough, and young people do not co-determine on issues important to them. Therefore, to meet these needs, I wanted to prove with my actions that change is needed. I co-initiated the creation of the Youth Sejmik of Małopolska Voivodeship and undertook a training project that educated youth councils and decision-makers from all over Poland about the rights and powers of youth councils.

Currently, thanks to my work on youth participation with the votes of the Youth Council of Krakow and the Krakow City Council, I was appointed Guardian of the Youth Council of Krakow. A year later, with the support of Krakow's youth NGOs, I was elected Chairperson of the City of Krakow's Civic Dialogue Committee for Youth, where together we work out recommendations and opinions on city policies important to youth.

I act because I believe in the future of civil society based on multi-generational and multi-sectoral dialogue for the common good.

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