I've been gathering my experience since I was 12 years old, when I started my volunteering adventure, helping a senior citizen family or an animal shelter every week for many years.

At the age of 16 I joined the Boy Scouts, which allowed me to respond systemically to the needs of my environment with others. I served for many years as a leader and educator in summer and winter recreation centers for children and young people, but also as a leader of basic units (teams) I supported youth in self-development on a voluntary basis.
I have organized various social actions for local residents with these youth groups, including Operation "Santa Claus for Children" (distributing gifts to the needy), co-leading the local Noble Parcel headquarters and participating as a volunteer, organizing and coordinating family bicycle rallies, Critical Mass and Adventure Rallies, and co-organizing scout rallies for over 3,000 participants in Nysa and Wroclaw.
Additionally, I have organized numerous educational trips and international exchanges for youth and their leaders, also serving as coordinator of international courses and training, including in Armenia, Georgia, Greece and Romania. I have also served on ZHP boards of directors at the district and provincial unit levels, and was chairman of the audit committee of the district unit.
For 18 years I have also been active as an activist for the development of volunteerism, not only as a volunteer in the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP), but also in many other non-governmental organizations, such as the Opole High-Mountain Club, the Opole Center for Supporting Non-Governmental Initiatives, the Foundation Institute for Development "Infinitas" or the Geko Foundation named after Monika Mnich. Monika Mnich, where I currently serve as vice president.
I initiated the "Iskra" project, implemented under the NoweFIO grant from NIW-CRSO by several organizations, including the Opole Scouting and Guiding Organization (ZHP), which resulted in the establishment of a new Volunteer Center of the same name and a social cafe in Opole in 2019. In the following years, I served as coordinator of this volunteer center, annual organizer of the "Impulse" Volunteer Festival, and in 2023 as coordinator of probably the first e-learning on volunteering in Poland - the Impakt portal - Volunteering pays off.
Since 2018, I've also been a tutor for the World Scouts Badge - the highest award given by the World Scouting Organization (WOSM), which can be received by scouts and scouters, as well as anyone from around the world who completes a volunteer project lasting a minimum of 80h. Thanks to this, together with other tutors, I popularize the idea of long-term volunteering in Poland, performing this function to this day by organizing special weekend workshops where participants can learn about other organizations in action.
During this time I have already worked with more than 30 different organizations and institutions accepting volunteers from all over Poland, including the Mudita Association, Miasto jest nasze, the Gajusz Foundation, the FREE Foundation, and various libraries, museums, DPS, centers for foreigners, animal shelters, State Forests, National and Landscape Parks.
In 2021, I was also co-coordinator of the nationwide action "Czuwam dla Ziemi", which inspired not only scouts, but also all Poles to care for our planet and clean up our nature in cooperation with, among others, the "Nasza Ziemia" Foundation, WWF Poland, the "Czysta Polska" association and the State Forests.

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