I started my adventure in social activities with school volunteers and student government.

Later, I became the Chairman of the Student Government of Junior High School No. 1 in Oborniki and a Councillor of the Oborniki Youth City Council. I went to high school in Poznań, where I was elected to the Youth City Council
Poznań in which I served as Chairman. The Youth Council of the City of Poznań under my leadership was awarded the title of Youth Council 2018 by the Ministry of Education for the number and effectiveness of the activities undertaken. 
During high school, I became a finalist in the Zwolnieni z Teorii Olympiad and the Talent za Talent competition. I was also nominated for the Maciej Frankiewicz Award. These experiences gave me a lot of experience, knowledge and certainly influenced my decision to run in local elections.
At the age of 19, I became the youngest City Councilor in the history of the Oborniki Municipality. In the 2018-2024 term in the Council, I served as Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on Education and Social Affairs and coordinator for cooperation with the Oborniki City Youth Council. We founded the Youth Activation Association, of which I am CEO, so that those who finish their activities in the youth council can continue to work for the benefit of our municipality.
I am a leader of the Dąbrówka Leśna village renewal group, co-author of the Village Development Strategy for the village of Dąbrówka Leśna in the Oborniki municipality for 2020-2024, President of the Board and founder of the Association for the Development of the Dąbrówka Leśna Village, member of the Village Council of Dąbrówka Leśna and member of the Village Housewives' Circle in Dąbrówka Leśna. During my studies, I was also a member of the Student Government of the Poznań University of Technology, where I served for a period as Vice President for External Partners.
I have now won the local elections and will be a Councilor of the Oborniki City Council for another term. I am active in many organizations and I definitely enjoy this kind of life on a full petard. I also try to participate in various projects, which also develop me and allow me to keep having fresh ideas and new initiatives.
I act because I see potential in the local community for positive change and development. Helping others and solving problems that affect our environment is not only a duty for me, but also a source of joy and satisfaction. I draw great strength from the people around me, because their support gives me the energy to act.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn about the history of our neighborhood and to see how our efforts contribute to its more beautiful appearance and better quality of life for all residents. Working with a wide variety of organizations gives me the chance to implement a variety of projects and initiatives that can have positive effects on many levels.
While my activities may not get much media coverage, I know that my efforts have a real impact on my local community. I see that even the smallest grassroots work can make a huge difference and bring tangible benefits. My young age is not an obstacle for me, but on the contrary, it is an asset that allows me to look at problems and challenges from a new perspective and introduce fresh ideas and innovations.
I give all my free time and energy for the benefit of the local community, seeing that our joint efforts bring positive results and make our place of life even better for all its residents.

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